Departamento di Aduana provides a helpdesk for ASYCUDA World user support
Opening Hours : 7:30AM - 4:30PM Monday - Friday
+297 5238811
You can use the Document Tracking section of this portal to track the following
  • Vessel Manifest Registration Status
  • Bill of Lading Status
  • Declaration Status

Please help us to help you! 

Ensure that you know your reference numbers (where applicable):

  • Manifest Registration Number
  • Date of Departure
  • Voyage Number
  • Customs Office Code
  • Master Bill of Lading/Airwaybill reference (for consolidators)
Declaration Processing: 
  • Declaration Reference Number (Box 7) if stored but not yet submitted
  • Customs Declaration Registration number (e.g. C 12345) if submitted 
  • For manifest queries please contact a supervisor at the respective customs office.
  • For cancellation of commercial declarations submitted but not yet paid, please contact a supervisor in the entry processing unit or email helpdesk.
  • Date of Arrival (Report) on Vessels is set by Customs.
  • Splitting of waybills if necessary can be done by Customs Brokers, the waybill must be authorized to them by their shipping agent.
  • Our support team is constantly supporting end users phone calls currently, try to submit your issues via email with as much details as possible for speedy resolution.